Welcome to Country Roads RV Village

Board of Directors

Our current board of directors are listed below.

Board of Directors
Name Position Email Term
Pat Tuckwell President pattuckwell1@yahoo.com 3/12/2019 – 3/12/2022
Wally Brauer Vice President wcbrauer@hotmail.com 3/14/2017 – 3/14/2020
Stan Hayter Treasurer stanhayter1@gmail.com 3/12/2019 – 3/12/2022
Rhonda Obus Member at Large RhondaObus@yahoo.com
Duane Byerley Secretary duanebyerley@outlook.com 3/14/2017 – 3/14/2020
Kenneth Garcia Member at Large ken.capcon@gmail.com 3/14/2018-3/14/2021
Duane Anderson Member at Large aduane45@gmail.com 3/14/2018-3/14/2021